10 Creative Brands using Twitter’s Photo Collage Feature


twitter photo collageThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, which translates to roughly 4500 characters on Twitter. Fortunately for us, Twitter’s new photo uploading feature will let you upload up to four photos without so much as losing a character from your original tweet.

With a new iPhone and Android App update anyone can create photo collages and tag up to ten followers in these photos right from their phone. For the personal user, it’s an easier way to share and connect with friends on Twitter with a reinforced emphasis on visuals. But for brands, it provides a new way to engage with their audience on a number of different levels.

Now while this update will generate massive amounts of photos on Twitter in general, allowing users to upload 2-4 images to essentially the same tweet opens up a number of creative new use cases.

For example:

  • You could upload two photos and ask simple “A or B” “This or That” type questions.
  • You could upload four photos and give people multiple choices to a question (as Dove did below).
  • You could share and tag fan photos
  • You could create mini storyboards between the four photos like a tiny Twitter comic book.

All it takes is a little creative thinking time.

We’ve been keeping a few tabs open on our Twitter lists and watching for interesting uses, below are 10 brands taking advantage of Twitter’s Photo Collage feature in their social content.

1. Dove Men + Care


2. Chanel

Chanel is really maximizing the space, the split photos create this really cool black and white contrast effect. Notice how the time flies on their watches as you flip through the photos.


3. Ben & Jerry’s


4. PGA Tour

The PGA Tour has been having some fun collecting the photos from one fan who was taking selfies with different golfers at the Shell Houston Open.


5. GE

GE has taken the photo collage and created a message you can read left to right within their photos “The greatest thing an engineer makes is a difference.”


6. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole’s team shared two backstage photos from their show at Lima Fashon Week. You can see that you don’t have to post four photos exclusively, like I mentioned before you could upload two photos and ask simple “A or B” “This or That” type questions.

7. Quaker Oats

8. The Spider Man Movie


9. Puma Running

10. HP Official News


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