The Average Pinterest User [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Mar 14, 2012

The smart folks over at Engauge put together an excellent whitepaper on the new social media sweetheart, Pinterest. The report is one of the better ones I have seen to date. The 31 page document includes:

  1. Introduction of Pinterest
  2. The trends driving it
  3. The data behind the site and users
  4. Brand opportunities
  5. Guide to getting started
  6. Outline of risks
  7. Opportunities
  8. Case studies

If you are thinking of getting your brand more involved in Pinterest, I recommend downloading this resource before you get started.

One interesting section of the whitepaper, below, outlines the data behind an average user of Pinterest. A few of the key stats:

  • Following 20
  • 171 pins
  • 3 boards
  • 16% have connected their Twitter account
  • 16% have provided their location
  • 17% have added a profile description
  • The average user spent 89 minutes on the site during January 2012, the same as Tumblr

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  • Anna Zeng

    I’m confused by the math here: “the average user has about one tenth as many followers as people they are following” that sentence sounds right but then you see on the profile that this “user” has 220 followers and is following 20 people, so the wording should be “the average user has 10 times more followers than people they are following” OR the user image should read “20 followers and is following 220 people”

  • Jason Keath

    Good catch. I think you are right.

  • Anonymous

    Jason – thanks for the shout-out on our paper. We’re quite proud of it, yet should have tapped Anna as our proofer. Great catch Anna. We’re fixing it now and will upload a new version shortly.

  • Veronica S.

    This is a great article! Amazing how the minutes spent on tumblr and pinterest don’t come close to time spent on facebook. We’ve added a pinterest profile for the company that I recruit for. Check it out:

  • WhosIn

    Pinterest is now the most popular social site after Facebook, Twitter &  Google Plus. So info-graphics regarding the user of this site very very helpful. Thank you very much for sharing the information & especially the link.