Social Fresh has several sponsors and partners that we work with on a regular basis. All of the companies below provide services for Social Fresh in trade. We also think they are all pretty awesome services, or we would never think about using them. Check them out. We highly recommend it.


Our voicemail and call management system is all handled virtually by’s Phonebooth product. Simple to setup, unending features and great support. If you have a virtual team or cannot afford an answering service, these guys are where you need to go. It took me about an hour to setup our whole call management system. And it takes very little time to go back in to change a prompt from a voicemail menu to, say, forward it to a new employee in charge of that department.


Pitch Engine has been innovating the press release for years now. When Social Fresh has a big announcement to make, we put it in our PitchEngine press room. We add videos, photos, tweetable excerpts, and people are able to share our releases much more quickly. And all of this is optimized to help the search engines find us quickly. PitchEngine also has a very easy integration with Facebook.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured has been a useful metrics and tracking engine for quite some time. You may know their first product, RowFeeder. If you are a data geek or just trying to easily produce weekly metrics reports for your boss, Simply Measured has you covered. They export your Twitter, Facebook, forum, and blogosphere monitoring directly into Excel spreadsheet reports that are fully customizable. But their default and free reports are pretty slick to start.

Amiando is a great resource for all of your event ticketing and registration needs. Here at SocialFresh, we use them for some of our event and registrations. One of the most important features to us is their ability to offer social plugins on their event pages. They are an international organization that offers event registration to any organization around the globe. Amiando also offers a fantastic affiliate program that allows anyone who registers to save money if they share with others that buy tickets too.


Eventbrite is an online service that allows people to create, share, and join all types of events no matter the concept, size, or theme. The site enables event planners to promote the event and sale tickets to the event. Eventbrite also helps people find events they would be interested in, and they allow event planners the chance to share their events.


Infusionsoft is a privately held company comprised of 215 small business experts that work to help small businesses by providing custom software. The Gilbert, Arizona based company gives small businesses a web-based system that allows the businesses to have their email marketing, e-commerce, and social media tools all in one place. The software is a combination of intelligent automation and powerful CRM.