Double Your Pinterest Followers In Five Minutes Per Day [Infographic]

by Nick Cicero on Jan 31, 2014

For brands, bloggers, and publishers, Pinterest continues to offer the potential to generate leads, drive traffic to sites and build overall social presence. Is it here to stay? Count on it. More and more research is showing the power of Pinterest as it expands its offerings.

  • 81% of U.S. online consumers say they trust information & advice on Pinterest (BlogHer)
  • 20% of total social referrals to commerce sites come from Pinterest (AllFacebook)
  • The average order placed by Pinterest shoppers is $169, the average from Facebook is $95 and the average from Twitter is $70. (RichRelevance)

But as with all social networks, a Pinterest account holds little value without an active and engaged community. This handy infographic from the team at highlights some often overlooked ways that can help you develop a following on Pinterest.

how to get more followers on pinterest

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Nick Cicero is the Editor at Social Fresh and a Digital Marketing Consultant. Formerly of Expion and Livefyre, Nick has experience building social campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Winn-Dixie, Eminem, Teen Vogue and more. He’s a fan of playing...

  • treb072410

    Great tip Nick.. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jason Noblett

    Great overview of where we are with Pinterest

  • Eureka Janet

    Great Infographic~! Great insight~!

  • Lisa Thomson

    Great infograph and ideas to get followers. Question my #of followers is 380 but each board only has 280 followers so the numbers don’t match. How does that work (or not work)?

  • DeDe Bailey

    Great info graphic! Pinning!