Every Startup CEO Should Understand Gamification [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jason Keath on Jan 04, 2012

I moderated a panel on gamification Blogworld NYC almost a year ago now.

The basic concept of gamification is using the mechanics of games to other industries to improve business results. Often loyalty, keep customers coming back for more, is the best application.

The big questions we got at that panel revolved around loyalty and how difficult it would be to implement these user based game techniques. More and more companies are diving in and finding out on their own.

As gamification grows as an option the marketer’s toolbox, things are only going to get more interesting. One of the main vendors in the space, BigDoor, released an infographic today showing some of the growth in the industry and some of their predictions for where it is all headed.

They outline some of the big brands using gamification: Pepsi, Aol, Nike, Dell and others. There have been 8 books written on the topic to date. And an annual conference on the topic kicked off last year.


Lead image source: Shutterstock.com

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