CEO and founder of Social Fresh, the social media education company. Jason is a social media consultant, a social media speaker and industry analyst. He consults with corporations and agencies on social media strategy, building community, and influencer outreach.

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  • Social Fresh Tips

    Tip: The Vanilla Ice Rule of Content Marketing

    I call this week’s tip “the Vanilla Ice rule.” At the next Social Fresh Conference, later this month in San Diego, I am going to give a presentation on this and something I call content envy, but...

  • masterclass-full

    A Masterclass In Social Marketing: 7 Tips From The Experts

    Twice a year the smartest minds in social media come together at Social Fresh Conference. They share their best strategies and tactics for building a better business using social marketing. We pulled together some of the best tips...

  • Social Fresh Tips

    Tip: Data isn't sexy, but visual storytelling is

    I wanted to share a quick Social Fresh Conference insight from one of our speakers, Josh Karpf (@jkarpf), Global Director of Social at Spotify. I thought this was a cool way to turn data into a...

  • social-fresh-conference

    14 things social marketers say

    One of the big themes we’ve seen a steady increase in through all the Social Fresh Conferences has to be the focus by marketers on visual storytelling. Quality images are no longer an option for many...

  • Social Fresh Tips

    Tip: The live appearance lead magnet

    Any time you make a public appearance you should TRY to get email leads out of it. No matter how small or large the event, have a couple resources you can point people to that allow you...