7 Reasons Why People Use Pinterest

by Jason Keath on Dec 10, 2012

Shauna Causey (@ShaunaCausey), formerly of Nordstrom, joined us in Tampa earlier this year for Social Fresh EAST 2012.

She spoke about Pinterest, how she approached the new social network while at Nordstrom, and insights for marketers looking to use Pinterest. The below clip is Shauna’s breakdown of why consumers are using Pinterest.

The full presentation is available as part of our Social Fresh EAST 2012 video package, for $197. This conference video package includes 11 presentations in total from industry leaders like Chris Penn, Jay Baer, Scott Monty and more.

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  • http://www.principlepoint.com/ Robert Cordes

    I could not agree more. I use Pinterest for personal and business reasons, but mostly as a way to store my favorite things.